5 traits that make a woman irresistible

5 traits that make a woman irresistible

5 traits that make a woman irresistible


Erika Otero Romero

Could your character be more irresistible than your looks?

In adolescence, we as women usually feel somewhat self-conscious about the shape our body is taking. Some girls notice how they grow (sometimes a little disproportionately), while other girls do not grow at all and retain their childlike features until about age 17 – when the body finally gives in to hormones and rapidly transforms like a “tender little caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.”

This change undoubtedly generates insecurities and fears. Although adolescence is a time of life full of trials and a whirlwind of emotions, it also prepares women for dealing with a beauty-driven world.

We all want to be appreciated by friends, family and others. But there comes a point in life when we yearn to prove to ourselves how attractive we are to the opposite sex. It is natural – hard to do, but natural. Many do not know how to achieve this desire and the quest to be attractive can sometimes be filled with mistakes that are counterproductive and devastating to our self-esteem. Fortunately, these mistakes don’t last forever.

So, I present to you the five characteristics that will make you irresistible.

  1. A fresh look

A woman can put on a lot of makeup and elicit a lot of attention. However, many men prefer to date women that care for their appearance, but in a more natural way. As you know, excessive makeup can hide some imperfections, and can even transform you into someone beautiful, but it is light years away from who you really are.

  1. Pleasant character

Some men, when meeting a woman for the first time, will instantly be attracted to her by the way her face and body look. But don’t let your focus be on those types of guys. The more mature and stable men look for something serious and lasting – they look beyond a cute face and try to find the hidden treasure. If a man is already attracted to you physically, or even if he isn’t but wants to get to know you better, don’t just be friendly – also show that you like to laugh, you’re cheerful, positive and accessible, and he’ll soon feel something much deeper for you.

  1. Clear objectives

A woman who has dreams and clear goals that she isn’t afraid to fight for, is irresistible to a man. This shows that not only is she beautiful physically, but she also has the strength of character to fight life’s toughest battles.

  1. Active

Men find women who are interested in sports, reading, and other areas of self-growth to be very charming. These types of things make men want to know more about you. Having hobbies can also show that you like to break free from your normal routine and are constantly trying to reinvent yourself.

  1. Open-minded and well-cultured

It is well known that aging is every woman’s worst enemy when it comes to their physical beauty. This is why it is so important to find passion in a wide array of different things rather than devoting all of your time trying to look attractive for your man. You will become more attractive as you master different hobbies that interest you and can speak about them with eloquence. This will also cause those men who are interested in you to feel good about being with you, and the time you spend together will be much more enjoyable.

Finally, you should know that attraction depends a lot on what a man is looking for. Remember to always keep this one thing in mind: if someone wants you not only for how how you look, but also because of the person you are, then you can know for certain that this man is genuinely attracted to you – and deserves you. Don’t rush to be with someone just because they say you’re beautiful. Look for a man who wants to be with you now, and for the “less beautiful” years to come.


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