5 things your wife needs (but would never say out loud)

5 things your wife needs (but would never say out loud)


Are you meeting her needs?

By FamilyShare

    Sometimes your wife is silently screaming in hopes that you’ll truly see her. She can do practically anything, but there are some needs she’s incapable of fulfilling on her own.

    Here are five things your wife needs from you, her husband:

    1. Permission to be imperfect

    Even if you think your wife hung the moon, we have news for you: she’s not perfect. True love isn’t blind. True love sees people as they really are.

    Your wife is a blossoming human who deals with heartbreak, insecurity and flaws like every other human. She needs you to create a space to talk about weaknesses. She needs you to be patient with her when she messes up. She needs to know that you are learning as well, and that her weaknesses are part of why you love her.

    Don’t love her less for showing her weaknesses – love her more.

    2. To be held

    Hold her, hold her close. Put your arms all the way around her body and embrace her with your whole heart.

    The feeling of being in your arms covers a multitude of her needs. In your arms, she feels protected. In your arms, she feels cherished. In your arms, she feels wanted. These are things your wife needs more than you can imagine.

    Yes, kissing and other intimacies are important, but feeling you close is the most crucial.

    3. To feel beautiful

    Most women don’t need to feel like they’re the most beautiful person in the world to have this need met. All she needs is for you to think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world.

    So many little things add up to making your wife feel gorgeous. Compliment her when she gets dolled up. Compliment her when she’s just woken up. Avoid pornography and all sexually explicit material. Kiss her and hold her hand in public. Let her catch you staring. Buy her a facial. Initiate sex. Take care of your own physique. Flirt with her. Don’t let a day pass without doing something to make your wife feel beautiful.

    4. To be your priority

    Your job is important, and your kids are important, but your wife needs to be your number one priority.

    Your wife needs to feel secure in your relationship. When you prioritize her above all else in your life, she feels the sincerity of your commitment; she knows she can depend on your support forever.

    5. Help

    More than just some of the time, your wife is overwhelmed. She has laundry to fold, tears to wipe, kids to teach, and bills to pay. She can do it, but sometimes it feels like too much.

    She wants you to know that she’s capable, so it can be hard for her to ask for your help even when she’s dying for it. When you make her responsibilities your own without saying a word, she feels loved and noticed because she knows she’s not alone. More than that, some days, she needs you to take everything off her shoulders. She needs you to love her enough to give her permission to take a break when she needs one. When it gets to that point, she needs to spend time relaxing. She can spend the entire day rejuvenating where all her needs are met through pure relaxation.


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