5 Little Habits Married People Miss About Being Single

5 Little Habits Married People Miss About Being Single


Does Being Married Mean Giving Up All Those Habits You Had When You Were Single?

By Emily Cummings

Though you wouldn’t trade it for the world, there are a couple of things you miss about being single – but just a couple. Thankfully, you’ll never again be barraged by everyone asking, “Who are you dating?” “Are you seeing anyone?” “Why are you still single?” but does marriage mean you can’t eat cereal and count it as dinner? Married couples of the Internet weigh in about what they miss about being single.

Ticket for one, please

Pre-marriage, if you found a great deal on a flight to India, you took it. No need to worry about anyone’s schedule but yours, and no one would miss you for a week or two. Yes, your days of wandering around alone are over, but it’s not something to be really sad about. Your days of taking awkward selfies in front of landmarks are also over, and now you can post darling pictures of you and Mr. Right kissing in the middle of the bazaar. Sarah also misses the sudden travels, but she “really wouldn’t change a thing. Life with my husband may require more planning, but it’s so much richer because of him, too.”

Sharing (With yourself)

When you bought peanut butter in your single days, it was yours. No one was there to snitch right out of the jar, leaving your peanut butter-less when you need it most. Oreo’s seem to disappear almost instantly and forget about keeping a tiny pint of ice cream in the freezer for when you just need a spoonful of something sweet. As cute as your husband is, it’s frustrating to open an empty box of snacks that were full this morning. But don’t despair, married folks! With the help of a Sharpie, Erika and Eric have managed to sort it out and still live happily ever after.

25 percent off

Granted, it doesn’t really need to be on sale because if you loved it, you bought it! When you’re single, you don’t really have that guilt that can come along with buying something “you might not really need. Being married means sharing, planning, and communication” especially when it comes to finances. While Carolynn thinks money is one of the hardest things about marriage, it’s another way she and her husband can include each other and talk about their life and plans.

Starfish sleeping

Rachelle isn’t going to lie about this little luxury; being single means you’ve got the whole bed to yourself. While there’s no one to hog the comforter or steal your pillows, there’s also no one to kiss you good morning either. When she really thinks about it, Rachelle realizes that “what’s sharing the bed, in the grand scheme of things?”

“Dinner” plans

Okay, technically, you could still consider eating Honey Bunches of Oats straight out of the box for dinner”¦but finding flakes of crunchy cereal in your bed after your “dinner” is less romantic. Marriage is like playing grown-up, which means actually eating dinner”¦not eating cereal without milk in your bed while you watch Netflix. Don’t despair; now you can officially learn to make one of these stellar dishes for your special someone (which is definitely a step up from eating cereal out of the box.)

Being single isn’t like being married. You might not be able to hang onto the way you lived before meeting Mr. Right, but is that so wrong? As it turns out, marriage seems to trump all the habits you loved when you were single.


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