40 compliments that are actually really insulting

40 compliments that are actually really insulting

40 compliments that are actually really insulting


Chakell Wardleigh

Are you guilty of saying any of these?

Everyone loves a compliment, but did you know that many of your compliments can actually backfire without you knowing? Here is a list of very common “compliments” that can make even the most confident person question themselves.

  1. “How are you still single?”

Is being single such a bad thing?

2.”You look a lot better in person”

So I take it I’m not as appealing in my Instagram photos?

  1. Anything that ends in “for a boy” or “for a girl”

Don’t base someone’s abilities on their gender.

  1. “I love how you are confident enough to not care what you look like”

In other words, I look like a train wreck.

  1. “You look nothing like your pictures”

Is that good or bad?

  1. “You should wear your contacts instead of your glasses”

So I don’t look good when I wear my glasses?

  1. “Did you lose weight? You look great!”

What did you think of me before?

8.”You’re so great, I need to marry someone like you”

waves Why not just marry me?

  1. “I didn’t think your baby would be this cute!”

I mean, I’m happy my baby is cute, but what does that mean about me?

  1. “Your kids get that from you”

Thanks for noticing.

  1. “If I were in your shoes, I would lose my mind!”

In other words, you’re saying that my life is horrible.

  1. “You act so young for your age”

Translation: You’re immature.

  1. “I’m so glad you got a real job”

Working sixty hours a week before didn’t qualify as a job?z

  1. “What are you going to do with THAT degree?”

Translation: Your degree is worthless.

  1. “Bless your heart”

In other words: I hope you are blessed because that’s the only thing that can help you.

  1. “I think you would look better with (blonde, brunette, short) hair”

What is wrong with my hair right now?

  1. “Wow, you were hungry!”

I was, actually, but you don’t have to comment on how much I ate.

  1. “You look better when you wear makeup”

So I look awful without any makeup.

  1. “Your style is so unique”

… Thanks???

  1. “You’re so cool, you’re practically one of the guys!”

I’m a girl, in case you didn’t notice.

  1. “You look great, what have you been doing differently?”

So, did I look terrible before?

  1. “You are so much better looking than you were in high school”

Thanks, I guess?

  1. “I could never pull that outfit off”

Another way of saying that my outfit is hideous.

  1. “Your children are so full of energy!”

By “energy,” do you mean they’re obnoxious?

  1. “You don’t look old enough to do that”

Do I need to show proof of identification?

  1. “You have such a pretty face”

What about the rest of me?

  1. “You’re smarter than you look”

Sorry I don’t always carry an encyclopedia on me.

  1. “You’ve aged so well!”

Nobody wants to be reminded of how old they are after 29.

  1. “You should get some sun”

Am I too pale? Do I look sick?

  1. “You can come if you want”

Which means: You’re not really invited, but I guess you can come.

  1. “You should smile more”

If I smiled all the time, my face would probably break.

  1. “It looks like you got some sleep”

How long have I been walking around with bags under my eyes?

  1. “You look really good today!”

What is different about today?

  1. “I definitely underestimated you”

Did you think I was unimpressive or something?

  1. “I had no idea you were so funny”

Did you think I was boring?

  1. “I wish I could be as bubbly as you”

Translation: You are really obnoxious.

  1. “You’re lucky you don’t have to deal with responsibilities”

I do, actually. Thanks for noticing.

  1. “That is just so like you”

I don’t think it is, to be honest.

  1. “I didn’t realize you were so talented”

What did you think I did in my spare time?

  1. Anything that starts with “Don’t take this the wrong way, but … “

Anyone is going to take it the wrong way if you have to warn them before you speak.


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