4 Wellness Tips for the Whole Family

4 Wellness Tips for the Whole Family


By The Marriage and Family Clinic

How is your family’s wellbeing?

Families have the unparalleled ability to fight and forgive;
make a scene, then makeup;
and scream in your face before saying, “I love you.”

But just because you can do these things doesn’t mean it’s good for anyone’s well-being. It’s important to focus on stress relief, physical health, and emotional wellness now more than ever—after all, you’re likely spending more time together than you ever expected. Use it wisely.

Target the physical, mental, and emotional wellness of your entire family with these four tips.

#1 Family Physical Fitness

Reap the benefits of an active lifestyle, both for your physical wellness and emotional closeness. There are so many ways to get outside and get that heart pumping that everyone can enjoy.

#2 Find Time for Peace & Quiet
Everyone needs a break from their hectic lives and busy schedules to just breathe. Otherwise, tensions run high, and the next big fight is just around the corner. Impose a daily quiet time whenever things seem to escalate most for your family.

#3 Encourage A Safe Space at Home
Adolescence is tough enough; between school bullies, puberty, first crushes, peer pressure, and the plethora of unwritten social rules, make sure your home is the one place where none of that applies.

For the mental wellness of the entire family, your home base should always be safe.

#4 Cook Healthy Meals—Together
It’s one thing to eat healthy. It’s another thing altogether to instill long-lasting healthy eating habits in your children. But it is possible if you empower them to cook healthy meals on their own. No matter how young your kids are, you can start introducing cooking skills and healthy habits into their daily lives.


Above all, put you and your family’s wellbeing first. More than high-protein meals or five-mile hikes, your family’s wellness is about the love and support you share for one another. Don’t let yourself forget what’s truly important, even as you make these minor life adjustments.

If it’s causing more headaches than healthiness, it’s not worth it.

MARRIAGE TIP: Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity in a relationship can be that spark that keeps the fire roaring!

After marriage, and especially after kids, we work hard on creating a routine and try to stick with it. Routine is safe and reliable but can extinguish excitement and passion in marriage.

This week try to do something spontaneous with your spouse. Ideas could be: randomly select a show on Netflix, mix up your nightly routine, or plan a date not on date night.

How do you keep spontaneity in your marriage? 


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