19 Places To Find A Good Man

19 Places To Find A Good Man

19 Places To Find A Good Man19 Places To Find A Good Man2



Farrah Gray

You can wait on the lord all day to send you a good man, but that’s going to be difficult for him to do, if you never leave the house. Finding a good man these days is not easy, a woman can help ease the process of finding Mr. Right simply by knowing where to go. With women outnumbering men 2 to 1, a woman has to be strategic if she doesn’t want to be single forever.

Here are a few places that are great for meeting a good man.           

 1. Business Conferences– While the first thing that comes to mind is that men are only looking for an extra-marital fling on business trips, there are still quite a few single, ambitious, smart men at seminars and business conferences. Since the atmosphere is business, it’s very easy to approach and ask a man who he is and what he does. Meet greet and start up a conversation… Just be sure to check his left hand for the presence of a ring or tanlines.

2. Bars– We’re not talking about the fancy, trendy bars like the 40/40 Club where everyone is fabulous and the women are even more fabulous in their stilettos and party dresses. The local bar/tavern in a nice neighborhood attracts mostly people with Adam’s apples. Sports bars, in particular, are best. Bars boast of games, pool tables and even slot machines depending what town you are in. The big wide, flat screens, usually turned to sports coverage, offers a variety of conversation-starter topics.

3. SPORTS GAMES– Don’t go trying to go be a groupie at the local NBA game. Instead use sites like Meetup.com to find adult sports leagues in your area! A lot of couples have met like this.

4. VOLUNTEER GROUPS – If a man is volunteering his time to help out the elderly or the homeless chances are he has a really good heart.. A surprising number of newlyweds met this way.

5. THE WORKPLACE– You hear people say don’t mess around where you work at, but what better place to get to know someone than the workplace.. You can tell his work ethic, you know his pay grade, and you can even watch him from a distance before you make yourself noticed.

6. CHURCH– The house of the lord is a excellent place to find a good man because any good man first has his foundation set in God.. However, every man at your church is not a good man. You have to get to know the man of God the same way you would a man you met at another place.. After, all, Men of God are still humans that make mistakes.

7. Right in Your OwnBackyard – Your neighborhood is filled with good men. Walk your dog around the block or go jogging. You might run into Mr. Right.

8. Family Ask your family members to introduce you to eligible men they know.. This might be old fashioned, but it works.

9. SCHOOL CAMPUS– We are all adults here so I’m definitely not talking about your local middle school or high school. I’m talking college campus’ where many adults roam from building to building and class to class.. A very high number of successful couples was college sweethearts.

10. Every year,NBA All-Star Weekend comes to a town, and all people think about are the groupies… The groupies are on to something… They realize something that the respectable women don’t know… There will be thousands of eligible, good men flocking to this major sporting event… A very high number of couples has met this way.

11. Festivals– The Essence Music Festival, known as the “party with a purpose” is one of a kind. With live music from top entertainers and very popular speakers, the festival draws over 200,000 men every year… Get yourself down to New Orleans this year.

12. Hardware Store – A hardware store or home-improvement store like Lowe’s is a great place to meet men, plus it’s easy to strike up a conversation with a man about any given product. Chances are he knows more than you when it comes to the tools and will be more than happy to answer your questions.

13. Childhood Friends– Did you ever think that Little William, who you used to beat up would grow up to be such a handsome man? Childhood friends can make very good mates.

14. The Grocery Store – Everyone has to eat. Single men have to do their own grocery shopping. So don’t go to the store with scarf on your head thinking no one will see you… A good man may bump into you in the health-food aisle.

15. The Gas Station – Everyone does have to stop and get gas eventually. Even if you don’t need gas go in there and grab a snack or a bottle of water… Mr. Right might see you walking out.

16. Throw a House Party– If you’re single throw a party at your home. Tell everyone to invite all of their male acquaintances and women too. Pull out the barbecue grill, serve some hor’dourves, have a wine tasting or simply a nice dinner party… Since you’re the hostess you will definitely need to introduce yourself to the handsome man across the room… Even better make him a drink.

17. The Internet– Social Media sites like Facebook and Instagram are good for more than just updating your status and looking at other people’s photos. Plenty of single people are on these sites just waiting to meet someone they can fall in love with.

18. Don’t forget about thecoffee house – Lots of men love Starbucks just as much as women… Men sit there drinking coffee and reading newspapers… Walk in there and get yourself a Caramel Frappuccino and an excellent man to go. Don’t take me literally and move too fast, I did not say coffee and a one-night stand… Remember we are talking about catching a good man.

19. Steakhouses– Single men often times crave a good gourmet steak and are often seen dining by themselves at steakhouses. Instead of getting a table most of them have a drink and eat their steak at the bar… You, on the other hand, should definitely not sit at the bar… Instead sit at a table next to the bar… Also this may feel a bit weird, but do not take your girlfriend with you, as men are more comfortable approaching a woman when she is alone.

BONUS PLACE: The Hosue Of The Lord!



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