13 Happy Things You Need for a Perfectly Happy Life!

13 Happy Things You Need for a Perfectly Happy Life!

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Elizabeth Arthur

Wondering how to have a happy life? You don’t need too much to get that perfect life. All you need are just these 13 happy things, and nothing more!

A happy life is the dream, isn’t it?

That’s what all of us want.

We struggle and toil day in and day out, with the hope of abundant happiness in the future.

But what if I told you that a happy life is just right around the corner?

What if you could attain it as soon as you read this feature or within a few weeks?

It’s true, really.

Happiness is very subjective, because most of us truly have no idea what happiness is all about.

To many people, happiness is a richer life, to someone else, it’s true love, and to a few others, it’s three square meals a day.

Ever wondered why happiness means so many different things to so many people?

Well, that’s because most of us have no idea what real happiness is.

Happiness and the happy things that matter

If you’re wondering how to have a happy life, you just need to remember a few key details and work towards achieving it.

Many people spend a lifetime chasing behind the elusive happiness, and when they finally realize what it takes to be happy, they may be filled with nothing but regrets because they didn’t see happiness when they had the chance.

But then again, it’s never too late to feel the surge of blissful happiness fill within you, is it?

The happy energy within you

Happiness attracts happiness. Sadness draws sadness.

If you’re annoyed, scheming or miserable all the time, everything around you will feel the same way. You’ll draw people who are unhappy and everything around you will drain your happiness away.

As philosophical as this may sound, the energy that you give out is the energy you receive. If you’re positive in your outlook towards your personal world, your world will seem positive and full of happiness.

If you’re genuinely nice to the people around you, they’ll be nice to you in return. If you take people for granted or behave nicely to people only when you need them, the world will treat you the same way.

What defines your happiness?

Have you ever sat down by yourself and asked this question? How would you define happiness? What do you think you would need to feel happy? Don’t be impulsive and wish for something that you need right now. Think of the big picture. What is happiness to you?

Only when you have a clear definition of personal happiness would you ever be able to achieve it. Isolate money and the material world, and you’ll have your own definition of happiness.

13 happy things you need for a happy life

True happiness is easy to achieve if you have the happy things that matter in your life. If you’re confused about what happiness truly means to you, fret not, because it’s really simple. All you need are these 13 happy things.

Make a checklist of these 13 happy things, and tick them off when you feel like you’ve achieved them.

And for the first time in your life, you’ll know what it takes to truly feel happiness, inside and everywhere around you!

#1 A loving family/partner. Having someone to love you unconditionally and loving them back unconditionally in return plays a big part in your happiness. It gives more meaning to your life because you have someone to share every moment of your existence with.

As humans, we have an innate need to feel loved and desired. And just having someone to share your life with can give you a lot of happiness and fulfillment. After all, love does make everything in life more meaningful and special.

#2 A satisfying job. In our society, what you do at work defines you as a person. So do you like what you do? If the one trait that defines who you as a person doesn’t make you happy, can you ever achieve true happiness through that job?

Do you really like your job, or are you working only for the money it gives you? You spend a big part of your life working, so try to ensure that you love what you do to earn a living, and that’ll ensure that your life will be full of excitement and fun.

#3 A few good friends. You don’t need many friends to be happy. You just need a handful of friends that you can trust and spend time with. Can you count your true friends on your fingertips? In your pursuit of better things, don’t overlook true friendships. Having a few good friends to talk over the phone or spend an occasional evening with can make you feel more positive and happy.

And even if you’re in a perfect relationship with your lover, both of you need to spend time away from each other now and then to grow as individuals and retain your own lives.

#4 A hobby or a passion. One of the happy things that can give you a sense of achievement and personal satisfaction is your hobby. If you don’t have a hobby, get one, be it fixing a car or gardening or getting more informed about an interesting subject. A passionate hobby will give you more confidence and build your interest in things that are beyond your immediate needs.

#5 A good night’s sleep. A good night’s sleep is one of those overlooked things that can wreak havoc in your life, personal and professional. Sleep could seem overrated, but when you get less sleep, you’d be more sluggish and slow, and your mind would work slower than other days. And let’s not forget about how grumpy you’d feel all day.

Make sure you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. You’ll wake up feeling fresh and excited to face the happy day ahead of you.

#6 An occasional adventure or vacation. Don’t ever let your life stagnate. Try at least one new thing every week or go to one new place you haven’t been to before every now and then. As hard as you slave away your life for a better future, your life will still feel the same unless you look for ways to keep your life exciting all the time.

Happiness never sprouts overnight. Start working towards happiness right now, or you’ll never have a happy life even when you reach your perceived milestones.

#7 A sustainable income. Money is not overrated. Without money, a lot of things you want to indulge in may be out of your reach. But at the same time, money isn’t everything too. Money is just worthless paper if all you do is let it accumulate in the bank.

The value of money is best experienced when you spend it now and then. Don’t idle your life, and ensure that you have a sustainable income at all times. Feeling rich is a state of mind. When you feel like you’re earning enough to have a happy life, your outlook towards life will start to get more positive and happier.

#8 Goals. Without a purpose or a goal, we’re just animals that exist with no purpose. As humans, we’re constantly looking for a purpose for everything, be it our origins or what happens after our end. But in between all that time, constantly create goals, small ones and big ones. And work towards it with dedication.

Each time you achieve a goal, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself and your life will feel more focused and adventurous.

#9 Exercise. As difficult as stretching your legs or getting your heart racing while doing a cardio workout may seem, a good workout can change you for the better within a few months.

Working out regularly fills your body with happy hormones and makes you feel good from the inside. And on the outside, you’d look a lot better and your clothes will look a lot sexier too. And most importantly, making the effort to work out regularly will give you a sense of accomplishment and increase your determination in life.

#10 Good food. Food is one of those happy things that can help you appreciate your life so much more. Cooking a meal together with a lover, sharing dinner with friends, or just checking a new restaurant out when you’re bored will always leave you with a new experience. And truth be told, some of the happiest conversations are shared over good food.

#11 Positive thoughts. Fill your mind with positivity, or you’ll just end up miserable and frustrated all the time. Don’t forget the bad lessons you’ve learned and the experiences you’ve had in your life, but don’t let them bother you all the time.

Comparisons and jealousy are negative thoughts that will always drag you down into the pits. Learn to look at the bright side all the time, and you’ll have a much happier approach towards life every single day.

#12 Pause. Look around. Appreciate. The world is a beautiful place. It doesn’t matter how busy you are or how late you are for work. Press the pause button on your hectic life and learn to appreciate the little happy things that catch your attention. It’s only when you appreciate the beauty all around you can you appreciate your life and fill your heart with limitless happiness.

#13 Memories. Your life is nothing but a collection of memories, don’t you forget that. In your pursuit of wanting happy things in the distant future, you may forget all about the happy things you have around you today.

Can you name ten amazing experiences you’ve had in the last year or two? If you can’t, you’ve been too caught up in planning your future that you’ve forgotten to enjoy your present. Learn to create happy memories all the time, with whatever you have in your life right now. If you get this wrong, you may attain your long term goals in life someday, but you may have no recollections of anything you’ve experienced along the way. Is that what you really want, a life that’s not worth remembering?

If you want to have a happy life, remember these 13 happy things all the time. You don’t always have to wait for the future to be happy. There are so many happy things in the world and so much happiness just waiting for you, if only you care enough to look.


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