11 signs you are an emotionally intelligent woman

11 signs you are an emotionally intelligent woman



Kelsey Robertson

How emotionally intelligent are you?

Emotional intelligence is the ability to accurately identify your own emotions, as well as those of others according to Psychology Today. It also includes the ability to utilize emotions and apply them to tasks, as well as manage your own emotions…while influencing the emotions of others in a positive way.

Sounds intense, right? But basically what it means is that these people understand emotions and how they influence themselves and those around them. Some people are born with a higher level of emotional intelligence and others develop it through a lifetime of interactions, decisions and events. All in all, people with high emotional intelligence usually have a few things in common. Take a look at these qualities of an emotionally intelligent woman and see where you fall on the spectrum.

  1. You are aware of your strengths and your weaknesses

You know what you are good at and you let those things define you. You are aware of your weaknesses, but they don’t hold you back because you don’t dwell on them.

  1. You don’t dwell in the past

You understand that the past is the past and there is nothing to be done about it. You jump straight into the future, looking back only to remember good friends, good times and lessons learned, but never to yearn for days gone by.

  1. You don’t obsess over the future

You take life as it comes. You know struggles will be a part of your life, but you don’t obsess over them because you also know that joy and triumph will drown out the misery of dark days. You have faith in the future, but you are enthusiastic about living in the here and now and getting the most out of the present.

  1. You can keep your emotions in check

You like to know where your emotions are coming from, so instead of just feeling, you actively investigate why you feel that way, assess the depth of the situation and figure a solution to keep your emotions in balance. You don’t just feel, you figure out why you feel every little thing.

  1. You know when to say yes and when to say no

You know who you are and where your loyalties lie. This makes it easy to assess a situation and feel confident in your answer, whether it be yes or no. You also know your limits. When you say no, it’s because saying yes will stretch you beyond your abilities. This helps you to stay relatively busy and stress free at the same time.

  1. Change doesn’t freak you out

You know that change is a part of life and so you take it in stride. It may not always go smoothly, but you adapt to whatever comes your way.

  1. You are fascinated by what makes people tick

You are empathetic and people fascinate you. You want to understand what makes them tick because you want to be able to relate to them on the most personal level possible.

  1. You are a good problem solver

You are a good and active listener, which means you can process problems and reach a conclusion. You don’t let feelings of frustration, anger or hurt simmer under the surface, you dig in and figure out where those emotions are coming from and then take active steps to put the world right again.

  1. You can easily talk to anyone about anything

You understand that everyone is on their own journey. You seek to understand them, not to judge them. You get to know them whether or not you seem to have anything in common and you always come out on top, usually with a new friend.

  1. You are open-minded

You like to get to know people and so you know a lot of different types of people. You also understand how wonderful it is to have so many types of personalities in the world. You are curious to know the world around you, so you explore and broaden your horizons without passing judgement.

  1. You live a balanced life

You know that life is meant to be enjoyed, so you work hard in the moment, but you also play hard when the time is right. Being able to put things in perspective helps you stay balanced in life.

For people with high emotional intelligence, a happy, well-balanced and meaningful life comes naturally. Where do you fall on the spectrum?


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