10 traits of a husband who will never ever stop loving you


Katelyn Carmen

Find a man like this, and you’ll never have to worry about him leaving your side.

When celebrities are divorcing right and left, it’s easy to get caught up in the lie that love isn’t meant to last.

If you honestly want to develop a fulfilling relationship, then marriage needs to be more than something you do for fun. Marriage is giving yourself completely to your spouse. It is making the commitment to dedicate your life to him or her.

Regardless of what the naysayers say, true love does and will last.

So if that’s what you’re looking for, and you want a man who won’t flake when life gets tough, here are just a few traits that you should look for in a spouse:

  1. He is committed to you and to making it work

You want a man who is 100 percent committed to you and the success of your relationship. In marriage you promise to love one another always — not just until hard times hit. Marriage is a holy union between two souls, and so you want to find someone who is devoted and faithful and committed to his vows.

  1. He addresses problems quickly and compassionately

A real man pays attention to your feelings. If he can tell that something isn’t right, he’ll bring it up. Don’t waste your time on guys who won’t fix problems in your relationship. A marriage can’t survive without effort.

  1. He is willing to help you through your mistakes

When you screw up, he is there to help you fight through the pain — even when you don’t deserve it. Why? Because he doesn’t want to see you hurt. Your burdens are his burdens, and you’re in this together.

  1. He pays attention to the fine details

Does he pay attention to little things? He may not know every detail of your life, but he takes note of the things that matter to you. Whether he makes the bed the way you like or plays your favorite song in the car, these small acts of remembering are evidence of his love.

  1. He is wise, not just smart

Yeah, it’s helpful to have someone around who can explain quantum physics, but even more importantly is a man who has knowledge beyond book smarts. Marry someone who is wise — who can think through issues holistically and understands the depth of a problem and all its complicated facets.

  1. He knows you better than you know yourself

Marry someone who can predict accurately how you will react in difficult situations. That way, he can react to how you react. He can also help you guard yourself from overreacting in ways that you’ll regret later.

  1. He deeply cares about how you feel about yourself

It’s not enough for him to think that you’re beautiful; he wants you to feel beautiful as well. When you belittle your appearance, he is the first one to tell you that you are wrong.

  1. He kisses your tears away

Husbands can provide comfort in a way that no other human being can. When you feel broken and undone, he is the one that will wipe your tears away. His compassion can help pull your heart back together and give you the courage to move forward. Find someone who does that for you.

  1. He spends time during the day thinking about your problems

Your happiness matters to him, so when you are dealing with an issue, it becomes his issue as well. Marry a man who makes your problems a priority. There is nothing more comforting than having someone in your life who cares as deeply about the things you are struggling with as much as you do.

  1. He knows how to drop a well-placed “I told you so.”

A good man knows when to hold his tongue, but an even better man knows the right time and place to give you feedback. Having a doting husband who thinks you do no wrong is sweet, but it’s just not practical. Your marriage will be strengthened by both of your willingness to laugh at your mistakes and help one another be better.

Obviously, no man is perfect — and you aren’t perfect either. But finding someone who puts you first, and whom you can put first, is key to a happy marriage.


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