10 reasons our dads are the real superheroes

10 reasons our dads are the real superheroes


He was our first knight in shining armor.

By Emily Brady

What would we do without our dads? They’ve been there for all the ups and downs – they’re the original Princes Charming who won over our hearts before we could fully understand what love is.

Here are 10 reasons dads are the real superheroes in life:

1. They’ve got the best… and worst …sense of humor

No matter how terrible their jokes are, you’ve gotta love the sheer joy on their faces as they watch you cringe.

2. They always know exactly what to say

Somehow they always have the right words that will make us feel better.

One time, when I was in my early teens, I was feeling down about a boy. My mom told me I was ‘too young to date anyway.’ But my dad chimed in with, “Don’t worry, I’ve never had a boyfriend, either.”

That was exactly what I needed to hear. I cracked up and it made me completely forget about how upset I was feeling just moments earlier.

3. They’re unbelievably patient

I was such a daddy’s girl growing up. Whatever my dad did, I wanted to be a part of it. One night, he was building a shed in our backyard and I insisted on helping out.

Looking back, I realize it probably wouldn’t have taken as long as it did if he could just do it on his own. But he was patient enough to let me “help out” long into the dark hours of the night.

Whether it’s taking extra time so his child can help build something, staying up late to help soothe his child’s fear of a monster under the bed, or listening to his daughter gossip about boys, a dad is always there for his children.

4. They remind us to never grow up

Dads are unbelievably goofy and always know how to cheer up their families. And their photobombs are always the perfect addition to a great photo.

5. They believe in you

When I wanted to be a ballerina, my dad bought me my first tutu. When I wanted to be a doctor, he bought me the game Operation. Every sports game, every theatrical production, he was there cheering me on.

When I was going through my first heartbreak, he bought me chocolate and took me on a daddy-daughter date. It didn’t matter that I was 12 years old; he validated my emotions and never tried to make me feel silly or like my feelings were insignificant. He showed me how a true man takes care of the women in his life.

6. They’re the best playmate

Dads love playing with their kids. They can get down and wrestle when the kids are especially playful, but they’re also willing to play dress up when the girls pull out their game of Pretty Pretty Princess.

7. They’ve got some awesome parenting hacks

They have the best tricks for when you’re working harder than you need to. They know how to work hard, but they know how to play even harder.

8. They make you feel brave

…and they’re there for you when you’re not.

They’re always supporting and inspiring you to try the things that scare you, but they’re careful to make sure you never have to go through something scary on your own.

When my family found a perfect spot in Sedona, Arizona, to swim around and go cliff-jumping, my dad was there helping me gain the courage to jump into the water. It took hours before I finally willed myself to do it, and he was there the whole time. Traveling to this little spot in Sedona to go cliff-jumping became a little tradition in my family.

9. They see the best in you

Even when I didn’t believe in myself, my dad did. He pushed me to be the best version of myself because he knew what was possible. When I wasn’t doing my best, he inspired me to be better.

But on my worst days, when the best version of myself wasn’t quite where it should have been, he was there for me. He supported me and loved me, no matter how good the “best in me” was.

10. They were your first love

They taught you what true love is in the example they set throughout your life. Thanks to your dad, you knew what kind of man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, and it was easier for you to recognize when a boy was no good for you.

We’re so grateful for all our dads and fatherly figures in our life. This Father’s Day, and every other day, take time to thank those men in your life.


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