How To Keep Your Attitude Up When Life Brings You Down


Angel Chernoff

“I’m exhausted and so very tired of all the anxiety, negativity and stress. Too often my mind is consumed with draining thoughts, and every muscle in my body seems tense. It hurts. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I don’t want to feel like I live in a whirlwind of constant pressure and exhaustion. I don’t want to just ‘get by’ day to day…”

Those are the opening lines of a story an attendee at our “Think Better, Live Better 2018” seminar shared with me (her commentary was recorded live and I’m sharing this with her full permission). She went on to tell me that expecting negative things to happen has been her way of approaching life. If you can relate in any way at all, it’s time to revamp your mindset.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. They can bring us down or lift us up at a moment’s notice. How we think about things literally changes everything!

Whenever I’m coaching someone who’s struggling in the trenches, I gracefully shift their focus from what they don’t want to what they DO want. I remind them that what you focus on grows stronger in your life, and that the best time to focus on the positive and take responsibility for your happiness is when you don’t feel like it. Because that’s when doing so can make the biggest difference.

You may not be responsible for everything that happened to you in the past, or everything that’s happening to you right now, but you need to be responsible for undoing the thinking patterns these circumstance create.

It’s about thinking better so you can ultimately live better.

The key is to understand that no matter what happens, you can choose your response, which dictates pretty much everything that happens next. Truly, the greatest weapon you have against anxiety, negativity and stress is your ability to choose one present thought over another—to train your mind to make the best of what you’ve got in front of you, even when it’s far less than you expected.

Yes, YOU CAN change the way you think!  And once you do, you can master a new way to be.

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