‘PANTS’ Rules

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Please every parent and guardian should teach their children and wards, especially toddlers, very early about ‘PANTS’ rules. Times have changed and the world has become a very sick and pathetic place to live. There are many paedophiles and rapists out there. Be careful, and note that everyone is a suspect here.

We must prayerfully protect our children by arming them with the right information:


P – Private parts are private. Nobody is permitted to touch them.

A – Always remember that your body is yours and yours only.

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4 easy ways to detect lies


Wendy Jessen

You may not have a lie detector on hand 24/7, but you’re in luck. There are better, easier ways to spot a liar.Have you ever had the feeling you were being lied to? Well, your instincts were probably right.

I can spot a lie from my kids pretty quickly. Consequently, my children are usually in more trouble for lying than for their original offenses.

But what about being lied to by adults – friends, coworkers, a spouse or a family member? How can you spot a liar?

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Wise Words


Buffalos kill 7 people every year.
Lions kill 500 people every year.
Hippos kill 800 people every year.
Spiders kill 5000 people every year.
Scorpions kill 7000 people every year.
Snakes kill 10000 people every year.

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Tiffany Fletcher

Sin is an ugly business, especially the deadly ones. I mean, how are you going to bounce back from your sins if they kill you? They are deadly sins after all, and once you are trapped in their clutches of darkness, there is no coming back to the light. Let me explain.

  • Lust

Lust can be defined as an intense and uncontrollable desire. This can mean desire for power, fame, money, food or even a person. Just like the definition says, once these desires take hold, they are uncontrollable. By that very definition, you can’t control them. Rather than you controlling them, these desires begin to control your every thought and deed. The more you feed your thoughts, the more they grow until they are so far beyond your capacity to contain them, there is no reining them in again. Once this sin has you confined, you’re lost to the darkness of your own mind.

  • Gluttony

Gluttony is all about overindulgence. As a matter of fact, it is overindulging so much that there is a fair amount of waste left over but you still keep eating anyway. Feeding the poor or the homeless is never on your mind because you are too busy appeasing your insatiable desire to feed yourself. You become the epitome of selfishness, always putting your desires before others’ needs. That is the true sin. Once you allow gluttony to take over, it becomes a ravaging wolf that continues to feed but will never be full. The hunger inside you will always win, and you’ll never ever be full again.

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