Intimacy in Your Golden Years: Mindset Is Key


Dr. Rich Nicastro

It’s an indisputable reality that our bodies change as we age, but when it comes to having a fulfilling intimate life in your marriage or relationship, you may be surprised to hear that your mindset is just as important as your physiology.

The concept of “age-appropriate behavior” was originally used to track developmental progression in children. However, it’s become commonplace to view all phases of life through the lens of appropriateness vs. inappropriateness, a lens that is biased when applied to older adults and sexuality. Sometimes this idea is so subtly internalized that we don’t even realize we’re holding it. And yet, it can stand in the way of meaningful intimacy.

When you think of young lovers, it’s easy to imagine intense amorous energy, but the idea of a couple in their 60s, 70s, and beyond having a life that includes passionate or frequent lovemaking can seem unusual when assessed with society’s skewed criteria.

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10 Ways to Rekindle the Passion in Your Marriage


Terry Gaspard

Jason and Kendra have been married for 12 years and have three children. Most of their conversations are about work, chores, their kids’ activities, and mundane aspects of their stale marriage.

Kendra puts it like this: “I love Jason, but the passion just isn’t there anymore.”

When Kendra drops this bombshell, Jason responds, “I thought we were doing okay, I really did. Even though we don’t have sex much anymore, it just seems like a phase we’re going through. I don’t have any energy left by the time I hit the bed at night.”

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Try the 7/7/7 Cuddling Experiment


Aaron & April Jacob

Your marriage needs more cuddling.

It’s true.

No matter how many years you have been married, the one thing your marriage could always use more of is cuddling.

That’s the plain and simple truth.

So we are here to tell you about the 7/7/7 Cuddling Experiment – what it is and why you and your spouse are going to want to try it – ASAP!

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25 Ways to Give Your Spouse the Time of Day


Aaron & April Jacobs

Your spouse deserves your attention.

You know, a little of your time, your listening ear, your caring concern, and some face-to-face time.

Yes, attention.

According to Google dictionary, attention can be defined as,

1. Notice taken of someone or something; the regarding of someone or something as interesting or important.
2. The action of dealing with or taking special care of someone or something.

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He’ll never forget you if you kiss him these 3 ways


Adriana Acosta Bujan
These tips will make your kisses leave a bigger impact on your love.

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Vocational Intimacy


Dr. Tom Olschner

This type of intimacy certainly doesn’t sound very sexy. But truly this type of intimacy can build a strong foundation for a successful partnership including a passionate sexual relationship. Vocational intimacy is built whenever two people join together in a significant way to accomplish a task. It is powerful because it taps into our natural need to feel successful and accomplished in our lives.Vocational intimacy is built upon the natural synergy of human interaction around a specific task: two heads are better than one. There is additional synergy that flows from the coming together of two people with different gifts who each make unique contributions to the final goal.

But there is more to developing vocational intimacy than just choosing to work on stuff together. There are three key components to maximizing vocational intimacy. The first is to recognize each other’s unique giftedness and invite your partner into the arenas of his or her strengths. Secondly, it is crucial to offer words of encouragement to your partner. The effect of encouragement is to infuse courage into your partner to face the challenges of the task. And finally, it is crucial to celebrate together your successes as a couple.

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5 Easy Ways to Make Sex More Intimate and Romantic

intimate sex


Kyle Benson

Sex can be an uncomfortable topic for couples. Many of us feel embarrassed about our bodies or have been sexually rejected at some point. Not to mention our culture and life experiences which have created feelings of sexual shame, making romantic and intimate sex a scary endeavor to even talk about.

In an online study of 70,000 people in 24 countries, researchers found couples who have a great sex life make sex a priority rather than the last item of a long to-do list. They create space for intimacy and connection. These couples talk about sex and put the relationship first, despite the demands of work and kids. They discover sexual pleasure through a variety of methods, not just intercourse.

Sexually satisfied couples are emotionally attuned to each other inside and outside of the bedroom. The key to long-term happiness then, sexually and otherwise, is for both partners to support and value their friendship. Below are five steps to make sex more romantic in your relationship.

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Your Spouse Would Love a Date With You

How are you coming at the #onesmallchange challenge? It’s true, we haven’t asked much of you and perhaps this has been way too easy, but we hope you have felt the power of taking one small step in the right direction.

Perhaps nothing drastic has changed in your marriage, but that’s okay.

That wasn’t the point. The point was to encourage you to make just some small effort to do what YOU could to nurture your marriage this month.

We hope you have learned a thing or two, or even just recognized the need for very realistic goals and expectations that will lead you to the marriage of your dreams.

See, you already know this, but your marriage is, in large part, what you make of it.

If you start thinking and speaking positively about your marriage, and doing small things to serve your spouse, then you will begin to find joy.

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Separate rooms for a married couple to sleep well?

Isn’t sleeping together the essence of marriage | Bonobology.Con


In the Victorian era, husband and wife slept in separate rooms. Was it not the antithesis of marriage? Isn’t sleeping together the essence of marriage?

Riti Kaunteya

A sharp and insistent poke on my back woke me from my sweet slumber. Confused, I groped in the dark, rooting for the offending object. I wanted to turn around but couldn’t, as there was no room to manoeuvre my body from my usual sleeping-on-the-left side position. I rose, struggling to stop myself from falling off the edge of the bed and groped among the blankets again. The offspring had found his way into our room yet again, occupied his choicest spot in the middle of our bed and slowly poked his way into making space for himself. The husband had slid towards the other edge only to be hindered by the other offspring. Two is company but four is a crowd. A wave of weariness swooped on me, forcing me to fall back on my pillow, which was half outside the bed. This noble attempt of going back to sleep was hampered by the offspring who had by now turned and occupied the entire space on my side of the bed.

I stood up and dragged myself to the children’s room, closing the door behind me on the face of the dog who attempted to follow in the hope of a midnight snack. I fell on the welcoming bed, devoid of children, husband and dog. For the first time in many months, I slept peacefully for the rest of the night.

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Psychology Finally Reveals the Answer to Finding Your Soulmate


Luis R. Valadez

We all as social creatures have a deep and underlying desire to find that one perfect person to spend the rest of our days with. That one person when you meet, you feel an uncontrollable attraction to and an illogical sense of familiarity with. As if you’ve known that person for a lifetime, or perhaps lifetimes. Whatever you want to call it, films and TV series alike have romanticized the phenomenon known as the soulmate. But what do we really know about the perfect mate or the ideal partner? Psychology is finally shedding light on the mystery that encapsulates so many hearts and minds around the world in an effort to understand what truly makes two people compatible for a relationship.

The Issue With Compatibility

Dating sites like or boast about their in-depth personality tests, and claim that someone with similar answers to the questions on their tests can result in finding the perfect mate.

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