Love at First Sight – The Real Truth Behind It

love at first sight


Matt Preston

Do you believe in love at first sight? Many people have varying degrees of acceptance when it comes to this kind of love because, quite frankly,  it’s rather shallow. But what does one feel when they experience this? Here is the truth.

As cliché as love at first sight may sound, it’s truly an experience of a lifetime.

Falling in love in an instant

I remember the first time I experienced love at first sight.

I was in my eighth grade, just a little boy sitting in an audience, watching a theatrical play at an interschool competition.

I was mildly fascinated, look at all the new faces in the crowd, from different schools. As I scanned the full hall, my eyes saw a girl I had never seen before.

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Public Display of Affection

public display of affection


Team LovePanky

We’ve all indulged in a bit of public display of affection at some point. But how much public affection is too much? And where does it cross the line? The Super Fella explores the word of public display of affection and his experiences with it.

Public display of affection is common, and even inevitable.

It is quite difficult for two frisky lovers to keep their hands off each other.

But what about the people around them?

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Friends With Benefits: 6 Reasons Committed Sex is the Best


Colleen Temple

Committed sex gets a bad rap. But when you think about the comfort and security of memorizing each other’s bodies, and kicking the pressure to be perfect to the curb, committed sex actually rules.

No need to date around in order to find someone who is worthy of having sex with you, and then teach them what you like. You already have that. You chose that special someone. Lucky you.

We talked with the experts to dig into the question, “Why is committed sex actually the best sex of your life?” Here’s what they had to say.

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It is not my fault!


“NG, please now,” Mike whispered as he tried to pull his sister Ngozi to face him on the bed. “You know mummy went to bed early and may soon get up for her mid night prayers,” he continued.

“Michael, leave me alone,” Ngozi almost shouted. “I have told you that I am on but you don’t want to hear. If we do anything now and the bed spread gets stained, how do you explain that to mummy? Have you forgotten so soon how you almost let the cat out of the bag the other time something like that happened? I don’t know why you don’t like being reasonable at times! I have told you that we need to be cautious now that daddy is not at home because mummy leaves her bedroom door open and can come out any moment.”

But Mike would not take no for an answer and continued pleading and tugging on Ngozi’s see-through pink night wear.

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The Meaning Of Love – Defining True Love

the meaning of love


Rick Casalos

Can you define love? The definition of love is vague and yet, so simple. All of us fall in love, but how many of us understand the true meaning of love? Rick Casalos wears his heart on his sleeve and talks about love, and why he wakes up every morning.

The meaning of love can’t really be explained, it has to be experienced.

The definition of love may be two sentences long, but what is love really, and how does it work?

And how does it make you feel?

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Dating Facts – Interesting Facts about Dating

dating facts


Team LovePanky

We’re all involved in love and relationships, but how many dating facts do you really know about your own relationship? Here are a few great dating facts that you may never have heard of.

#1 The balance of love

When two people are in love with each other, at any point of time, one person will always love the other person a lot more.

Now this doesn’t mean one person will hate their partner while another person is madly in love with their mate.

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What are You Feeling? – Is It Love or Lust?

is it love or lust?


Team LovePanky

Is it love or lust that you’re experiencing with your partner? Sometimes, you may think you’re in love without really realizing that there’s no love in the relationship, but just lust. Find out whether you’re in love or lust right here.

Contrary to what most of us believe, we don’t really fall in love at first sight. Almost always, it’s lust at first sight.

The intense attraction that you feel for someone when you first lock eyes with each other, those butterflies in your stomach and that skip in your heart, in all probability, is lust and not love.

But lusting for someone isn’t a bad thing, because love generally starts with lust and desire and grows and blossoms into love over a few weeks or months.

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‘PANTS’ Rules

Image result for Picture of a lady's underwear


Please every parent and guardian should teach their children and wards, especially toddlers, very early about ‘PANTS’ rules. Times have changed and the world has become a very sick and pathetic place to live. There are many paedophiles and rapists out there. Be careful, and note that everyone is a suspect here.

We must prayerfully protect our children by arming them with the right information:


P – Private parts are private. Nobody is permitted to touch them.

A – Always remember that your body is yours and yours only.

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The Prowling Destroyer


He was having his evening beverage. That’s when she joined him.

“Hi there, handsome, you’re looking good. So fine I can eat you up,” she said sitting down.

“I thought we agreed to keep away from each other? I am a married man,” he told her.

“Come on, I won’t bite. You can’t resist me, no man can,” she boasted.

“I am a married man,” he protested again.

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Love & Lust


Virginia Rutter Ph.D

Who says marriage is where desire goes to die? We can’t quite bring ourselves to believe that passion can thrive on modern love—because our sexual imagination is stuck in the past.

“‘Hot is not the word I’d use,” says Hannah of her 23-year marriage to Barry.* “Slow simmer” is more like it. “One thing you learn over time,” she says, “is that, no matter how long you live together, two people always inhabit separate worlds. Some part of your partner is deeply unknowable.”

Although it is hard to coax any words out of her on a topic she considers, perhaps quaintly, so private, Hannah makes it clear that their sex life cleaves to the contours of their commitment. “There are nights, not often but indelible, when passion builds in molten intensity from an unremarkable start,” she says. And there are nights—”almost more transcendent,” she confides—when the two share the separateness, lying naked together, holding hands in rich silence. And there are many nights in between.

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