5 things to know after the wedding


Obalolu Davies

As you change your status from fiancé and fiancée to husband and wife there are so many things to expect as you settle into marriage.

Marriage they say is not a bed of roses as there surely will be ups and downs. For you to take the first step by exchanging vows then you are surely in for the ride. You need to know that every marriage you admire is because the two parties work towards it.

Take note of ‘work’ because it demands continuous effort. Marriage remains a major milestone regardless of how long you have known each other.

For the newlyweds or the about to get married here are five simple things you must know

Responsibility isn’t an option

This is unarguable as your new status also demands a level of responsibility. When you were still single you could stay out all night and not be accountable to anybody but as a wife/husband you can’t just decide to be out all night without informing your spouse. This is just one of the many scenarios of responsibility.

It’s our Problem

As a couple, and a new couple at that, there should be nothing like ‘it’s your problem’. Every problem your spouse faces is equally your problem and also your business. So it is better to help find solution rather than waving it off as your spouse’s problem.

Be ready to compromise

Two cannot walk together unless they agree. Compromise is part of agreement. You must understand that your spouse is from a completely different background and certainly holds principles that would be different from yours. As such, in order to avoid a clash, you have to compromise. Your different ideas will need to be infused into one for your benefit.

Your relationship is your priority

In order to sustain your relationship you need to go into marriage with thmindset that your marriage demands priority. You will encounter the downs as well as the ups but you need to be determined to make it work.

This is forever

This definitely isn’t new to you as you already know. This point was deliberately made last to place emphasis on the fact there is no running away as your relationship is forever and ever until Jesus comes.

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