9 qualities of a good father


Gary & John Lundberg

A father has many roles to play, all designed to enrich his life and the lives of his children. When these roles are understood and pursued with determination, his whole family is blessed.

When we got married I was excited to be with my wife and start our life together. In the back of my mind was the thought that we would also have a chance to have children and I would then become a dad. Notice the thought was in the back of my mind as I was caught up in the experience of being a newly married husband and completing my education.

My wife was also enjoying her new role, but was more attuned to being a parent. In fact, she told me during our courting days that she wanted thirteen children. I agreed. Of course, that was before we had one. Our journey to having children was different and took longer than we had anticipated. After five years of hoping, the idea of having a big family was diminishing. We would settle for however many we could have. The day finally came and we stood in the newly furnished nursery with our son in our arms. We were excited and humbled realizing our lives were forever changed.

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12 things you should know when raising a daughter


Karissa Ancell

Here are 12 things you should know to help raise beautiful women in this challenging world.

Raising girls is hard work, well, raising kids in general can be hard work. My daughter is eight and I have prepared for her to enter the tween and teen years. It can be frightening because as parents, we want to protect our children but the reality is, there is only so much we can do. So, I have put together the 12 things I think mothers of girls should know.

  1. Your makeup is now her makeup

My daughter really likes doing makeovers on herself. With time, lessons will have to be taught on applying less but for now, it’s just for fun.

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