10 Ways of Showing Complete Fidelity in Marriage


Nurturing Marriage

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines fidelity as both “the quality or state of being faithful,” along with being “[accurate and exact] in details.” When it comes to fidelity in marriage, the details really do matter. Through small and simple things, you can show your spouse that you are completely committed to them, and to your marriage.

Fidelity in marriage demands 100% commitment and prioritizing your spouse above all else. Will that take effort? Work? Sacrifice? Yes, yes, and yes! But, the reward is far sweeter than any price you may feel you have to pay. Loyalty & fidelity are vital to a happy, healthy, safe, and lasting marriage. Loyalty is the foundation of true love. When you show your loyalty through these 10 ways, your spouse will feel safe and secure with you and with your marriage.

1. Loyal spouses are respectful of each other – in private and in person. 

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